Testimonials on the first day!

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“It was beautifully written but so sad”
“So powerful . . . so well written”
“I found it to be a beautifully written piece of work . . . it made me cry”
“It struck chords in my life . . . I feel Gareth’s battles personally”
“Wow! Hope there’s more soon”

Thank to everyone for reading so far. I really appreciate all your support!

Two Days until Publication

Waiting for the Creeper Publishes on 13 March 2021
. When you are waiting to die, how long do you wait? Waiting for the Creeper!

Twenty-three pages and a forty-five-minute read, my first short story will be available on 13 March 20121. This is a true story of a man who tragically threw away the people in his life he loved the most. A short day-long window into the mind of a man who is forced to deal with his actions and the tragedies they can bring. When you are waiting to die, how long do you wait? How does is it feel to lose your mind? Where do you go when there is nowhere left to go? Never been in that situation? Read the story and find out why you don’t want to be.